Sugababes — Conversations Over

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Conversation.. oh
Did it start with an obsession?
Was the writing on the wall?
I can see through your deception
Through it all
I see clearly now
For too long you've had it your way
For too long I've tiptoed round
Finally we're face to face boy
No drama now
I'll stand my ground
Now the conversation's over
And there's nothing more to say
I've had my time with you
So hear me now
I won't stay
It's my turn to walk away
No point in talking round in circles
Or trying to read between the lines
I saw you dancing with the devil
I'm not blind
Don't sympathise
Cos for too long you've played your own game
For too long I've stood and cried
It's time I changed the combination
I'll be fine
Won't change my mind
Sugababes Vs. Black Eyed Peas Vs. Pussycat Dolls Vs. Madonna Vs.
Sugababes Feat. Sting
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