Sum 41 — Angels With Dirty Faces

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I need this to get me through
can't resist, don't want to
believe it I know it's true
can't beat it, don't want to try
A perfect hell!
It's more to me than you ever will know
down here where the rest of us fell
waste away nothing left to show
while I'm in this perfect hell
obsession has begun
possessed by destruction
how did I get so low
believe me no one knows
sometimes I can't hold on
and no one can help me
now it's got a hold of me
I don't think I can make it through this
now it's got a hold of me
the less I do the more it makes no sense
I'm walking pollution who's drained by delusions
on the verge of destruction I cave in to abduction
thin blood I'm bleeding my pulse won't stop racing
just as my heart explodes
Masta Killa
Boney M
Boccacio Life
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