2 Pac — If I Die 2Nite

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"a coward dies a thousand deaths, a soldier dies but once"
(tonight's the night i get in some shit)
They say pussy and paper is poetry, power, and pistols
Plottin' on murderin' motherfuckers before they get you
Picturin' pitiful punk niggas coppin' pleas
Puffin' weed as i position myself to clock gs
My enemies scatter in suicidal situations
Never the witness to wicked shit that they was facin'
Pockets is packed with presidents, pursue your riches
Evadin' the playa-hatin tricks, while hittin switches
Bitches is badmouthin', cuz ballin' motherfuckers is bold
But trust me holms, the game should be sold
Sick of pscyhotic society, somebody save me
Addicted to drama, so even mama couldn't raise me
Even the preacher and all my teachers couldn't reach me
I run in the streets and puffin' weed with my peeps
I'm duckin' the cops, i hit the weed as i'm clutchin' my glock
Niggas is hot when i hit the block, but if i die tonite
If i die 2nite
If i die 2nite
If i die 2nite
2nite's the night i get in some shit
Polishin' pistols, prepare for battle, pass the pump
When i get to poppin', niggas is droppin', then they done
Callin' the coroner, come collect the fuckin' corpse
He got hit by a killer, preoccupied with bein boss
Revenge is the method, whenever steppin', keep a weapon close
Adversaries will overdose over deadly notes
Jealous niggas and broke bitches equal packed jails
Hit the block and fill your pockets makin' crack sales
Picture perfection pursuin' paper with a passion
Visions of prison where all the pussies that i blasted
Running with criminal, individuals with no remorse
Try to stop me, my pistol possee using deadly force
In my brain, all i can think about is fame
The police know my name, a different game, ain't a thing changed
I'm seeing cemetary photos of my peers
Conversatin' like they still here, if i die tonite
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