2 Pac — Old School

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Here we go we gonna send this one out to da ol school
All these motherfuckas in the bronx and brooklyn, staten island,
Queens and all the motherfuckas that laid it down the foundation.
Ya know what i'm sayin, nothin' but love for da old school. dats who
We gonna do this one for ya feel me.
Chorus: what mo' can i say, i wouldn't be here today
If da old school didn't pave the way
I remember mr. magic cash, grand master flash, l.l raisin' hell
But it didn't last eric b. and rakim was da shit ta me i'd flip
To see a dougie fresh show with rickie g and red alert was puttin'
In work, and chuck chill had my homies on the hill gettin' ill,when
Shit was real. well i can still remember raw with daddy cain, when de la
Soul was puttin' potholes in the game. i can't explain how it was,
Whodini had me puffin' on dat buddha gettin' buzzed, cuz there i was
Them block parties in da projects and on my block and tic ya don't stop
Ya sippin' on dat private stock. and through my speakers queen latifah
And mc lyte listen to treach and krs ta get me through the night. with
Te la rock and madtronics with stetsasonic, remember when push it was da
Bomb shit,
Ain't nothin' like da old school
Chorus: what more can i say i wouldn't be here today if da old school
Didn't pave the way
I had shell toes and bvd's, a killa preaca shot my lees when i hit da
Streetz. i'm playin' skelly, ring-a-levio when and catch a kiss, before
My homies in my hood learned ta smack a bitch. i remember, way back
Da weak weed they had, too many seeds in da trade bag. im on a train
Headin' uptown freestylin' with some wild kids from bucktown, profilin'
Cuz da hoochies were starin', checkin' what a niggaz wearin' i'm
Wonderin' if dats her hair, i remember stick ball, humpin' hoochies on
Da wall, takin' leaks up on da steps stinkin' up da hall. through my
50 Cent
Masta Killa
Bow Wow
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