2 Pac — Young Niggaz

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I wanna dedicate this one to robert "yummy" sanderford
And all tha other little young niggas
That's in tha rush to be gangstas...
As a young nigga
Give anythang
To be that innocent again
When i was ten
I didn't bang
But i was hangin with tha homies
Till them niggas started slangin'
Now they don't know me
I got my hustle on
Learned to ignore
What coulda fade me lately i been tryin to make a million
Can you blame me with that jelousy they wanna diss me
Don't sweat me
If tha cowards really want me
Come get me
And even i
Someday will die
But i'm cautious up in my ride
Put down the top
Now we flossin
Hit the freeway
Let the wind blow
Drop the window
Workin with a 20 sack a indo
Feelin' good
Stop through the hood
Grab tha young thugs
And i can't help but reminice back when we slung drugs
It was bad
But all we had was our hopes and dreams
Couldn't see, unless we learned to slang dope to fiends
Your the kind of g like everyone knows
He's always g'ed up, from head to toe
[my memories as a young nigga]
Always got it flown like al capone
He's the kind of g out there, i know
Back in jr. high
When we was barely getting by
When daddy died
That's when my momma started gettin high
My neighborhood was full of drive-bys
Couldn't survive
All my homies livin short lives
I couldn't cry
Told my momma if i did die
Just put a blunt in my casket
Let me get my dead homies high
Then follow me throughout my history
It's just me against the world
Stuck in misory
As a young nigga
My only thing is to get paid
Life full of riches
Avoid snitches cause they shadey
Back in the day
We always had the time to play
But after they taught them gangbangers how to spray
Not just la
But in the bay and chicago and even st. louis
Every stadium that i go
When will they change?
Stuck in the game like a dumb nigga
Remember how it was...
To be a young nigga
Inspectah Deck
Busta Rhymes
Bow Wow
Lana Del Rey
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